Getting Rid of Most Common Carpet Stains


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Carpet stains and spills will certainly happen to everybody at one time or another and as such, it is important to take action immediately to get the spot right out of the carpet. The cleanliness of your carpeting makes an impact on the health and overall look of your dwelling. For this reason it's very crucial that you protect your carpets against unattractive stains and dirt build-up.


Since you haven't much or no control about how the staining happens, you can give attention to how to get rid of the stains without damaging your carpet fibres. Different stains will need different treatment methods, which you should get trained to perform. We'll cover the top four most common carpeting stains and how to remove them below:


Pet Stains & Odours done by Ipswich carpet cleaning

If you ever personally own a furry companion, you already know how hard it could be to tidy up the mess and how tough it is to get rid of the odour left behind by the four legged pal. This is often annoying understandably. here Listed below are some tips for tackling the task to eliminate dog or cat stains and any related smell from the carpet.


The first step would be to clean up the mess itself. After that, focus on the stain and in the event it has already dried on the carpet fibres, dampen it first after which use a carpet pet stain removal product. You can find products specially created for pet stains however, you could make your very own. Simply mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar with two pints of tepid to warm water and spray on the stain. Let the vinegar soak in for a few minutes followed by blotting with a clean paper towel. Carry on with this procedure until the stain is completely gone and the spot is dry.


Remove Blood Stain at Ipswich carpet cleaning

When handling blood stain, it is crucial you tackle it immediately it occurs otherwise the task will be a bit longer to remove it entirely. Avoid very hot or warm water when treating blood spots, but instead use cold water. The reason is , heat pretty much cooks the blood that causes the stain to permanently set right into the carpeting fibres.


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Fill a spray bottle with 2 tsp of a grease-fighting, liquid dish detergent as well as cold water. Spray it right on the stain to moisten it then use a dry cloth to blot the area so that the blood is moved to the cloth. Wash it out with cold water and perform the blotting procedure when necessary.


Coffee Stains

Coffee spills are a common and difficult kind of carpet stain which can make your carpet look old and filthy. When eliminating coffee stains, the procedure is to first blot the area using a dry white paper towel. Next, make a solution of vinegar, water, and a mild detergent, and generously spray it on the staining. Blot the area after spraying until the stain is removed. Stain removal is not hard with certain types of carpets such as polypropylene.



An ink stain can sometimes cause serious damage to the fibres of your carpeting. In a few ways, you possibly can eliminate the ink stains from your carpeting but many of these involve a lot of elbow work. Many times, the rubbing alcohol is sufficient to remove the ink stain. Just apply it over the stain by using a clean towel. Let it sit for a while and after that vacuum it up.


In order to find out if the spot removal solution will work in getting spots out of the carpet, first try them on an inconspicuous area of your carpeting.  For all of your Ipswich carpet cleaning. Get in touch with Tru Blue Cleaning for any needs

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